Started Care: February 2012 (at age 3)
Diagnosis: Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS)

Nathasha suffers from CCHS, which is a nervous system/respiratory disorder. Simply put, her body is not equipped to acknowledge when she is not breathing deeply enough to receive an adequate amount of oxygen. Before starting care with Premier, her family was turned away by another home healthcare agency who didn’t think she would survive.

To manage her condition, Nathasha had a tracheostomy and requires a ventilator while sleeping and whenever she has a respiratory illness. Her team of nurses, who have worked with her since she was three years old, must routinely monitor her for respiratory distress. They also accompany her to school, provide trach care, and manage her ventilator, as needed.

Today, Nathasha is a healthy and busy seven year old. She’s involved with many extracurricular activities and hobbies, including chess, art, martial arts, modeling, and swimming. According to her Clinical Suprevisor, Laura, "Nathasha is the perfect role model for proving that anything is possible. I always say to her that, someday, she will be President of the United States!"

They [Premier team members] are the most caring, most compassionate, thoughtful, kind people I’ve ever come across. And they truly don’t treat us like patients, they really treat us like family.”
-Nisha, Nathasha’s mom

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