Started Care: March 2012
Diagnosis: Muscular Dystrophy

To our team members, Ojen is an inspiration. She was born with Muscular Dystrophy, but that has never prevented her from embracing life and living it to the fullest! Ojen depends on a ventilator for every breath, and can't move anything except her fingers; just slightly enough to control the joystick on her wheelchair and the mouse on her computer when her hand is placed in the correct spot. She accepts the challenges that she faces every day with a loving family and devoted fiancé, Manuel, by her side.

Ojen is a whiz on the computer and a lifetime learner. She is currently attending college and close to earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. This is her passion, and she creates impressive websites for commercial and private use. Although she's confined to a wheelchair and depends on a ventilator, she is tireless and she and Manuel are always on the go.

She prides herself on her appearance, making sure to have her mom or sister dress her in the highest of heels and the latest styles. She rarely leaves the house unless her make-up and hair are flawless. Her large collection of shoes and high fashion clothing have established her as Premier’s "best dressed patient!" She's devoted to her dog "Charlie", who comes when she calls and obediently sits lovingly on her lap as she tools around the neighborhood. Ojen epitomizes strength and positivity!

"Ojen continually inspires others with her positive attitude and zest for life. She is truly beautiful inside and out!"
-Dorothy, Clinical Supervisor

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